Loft show with the Ultimate Bearhug

Thursday -
7:00 pm
Loft Show
Orange County, CA

The Ultimate Bearhug might be one of my favorite bands. Luckily for me, they are also my friends and I can coerce them into letting me play an OC show with them.

Wait, what's that? I also get to play with Jameson and Josh Hanson of Yellow Red Sparks, some of my OTHER favorite Southern California musicians and people? SHUT YOUR FACE. Also, Michael Rosas will be playing, and I don't know him but I like his music and his website says he's a "swell fellow," and, well...he had me at using the word swell.

Info TBA, but for now just envision: an intimate evening of music, drinks, and startlingly attractive people (all BH and AB fans are, duh) gathering in a loft. Ooh la la!